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2014 Archives: Commodore's Log / Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2014 Sail and Meeting

This Sunday’s sail was attended by twelve sailors, seven with Vics, four with ODOMs, and one 1M. We gained 2 new members, Dan and Geri Paxton, both ODOM sailors.  Welcome aboard!  Our club is growing and now has a total of 15 members.

We now have eight members who have AMYA numbers by our count. If you are not a member, I highly recommend that you join. You will be supporting R/C sailing, and will get an informative magazine every quarter. If you are not a member and haven’t given Steph your number, please e-mail it to her.

After several members paid their dues, Steph reported to me a treasury balance of $306.59. The year-end Holiday Luncheon and Awards Presentation will be held on Sunday, December 28.

Harvey explained the new racing format which will separate the two classes of boats, with a staggered start. It seemed to work well, with the ODOMs starting and finishing first.

 Dixon volunteered to call the starts and the marks, and Debra Bankson handled the scoring. Winds varied from light to nice, and we had some very good racing. Unfortunately, the Winters both had battery failures after traveling in their motor home. Remember, NiMH batteries discharge while sitting on a shelf and need to be charged just before a sail.

The next sail will be on Sunday, January 11, 2015, starting at 1:00PM. Both Dixon and Tim should have their new boats on the water by then.

Looking forward in seeing everyone at the lake!

 Harvey Mickelsen, Commodore
Green Valley Model Yacht Club

Sail Date: November 23, 2014 

This Sunday’s sail was attended by six sailors, four with Vics, one with an ODOM, and one 1M. We gained 3 new members, Dave Van Amburg, Jerry Robertson, and William Brown. Welcome aboard! Our club is growing and now has a total of 13 members. (Because of the holiday season approaching we did have a number of sailors traveling.)

At the start of the meeting, Steph reported a treasury balance of $46.49. After receiving four 2015 member dues, our treasury balance quickly changed to $126.49. The year-end Holiday Luncheon and Awards Presentation will be held on Sunday, December 28. Steph needs to turn in our luncheon headcount to The Grill on the Green at Canoa Ranch by December 7th. Please let Steph know how many are attending in your party. We want to invite and look forward to all spouses attending as well. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for this important holiday luncheon.

Harvey explained the new racing format which will separate the two classes of boats, with a staggered start. This was used even though we only had one ODOM, and worked well, although the ODOM was able to lap some Vics in the 18 mph wind.

The new start time of 1:00 PM produced the winds we wanted, plus some, however unlike the first afternoon sail which was overcast, as the sun went west, the glare off the water made the leeward mark disappear. My bad! The next sail will be held on the west side of the lake.

 November 9, 2014 Sail and Meeting

This Sunday’s sail was attended by eight sailors, four with Vics, two with ODOMs, one 1M, and one EC12. We also had two sailors, Dixon Mc Ghie and Tim Johnson, with Victorias under construction.  Dan and Geri Paxton from Colorado who are ODOM sailors, dropped by yesterday with Dan joining in our sail.  Dan’s ODOM is #241.  We are looking forward with Geri and Dan joining our GVMYC soon.  This will bring our ODOM fleet up to four boats, and our membership up to twelve sailors.

We want to welcome Tim Johnson and Dixon Mc Ghie who joined the GVMYC yesterday and paid their 2015 dues, more than tripling our treasury to $59.91.

The year-end Holiday Luncheon and trophy presentation will be held on Sunday, December 28. Steph will contact The Grill on the Green at Canoa Ranch, Green Valley for reservations. Harvey explained the scoring system on which the trophies will be awarded at the holiday luncheon party.  We want to invite and look forward to all spouses attending our club’s holiday trophy party as well.  More will be discussed about the party at the next meeting.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for this important holiday luncheon.

The new start time of 1:00 PM was made in hopes of better wind conditions. However, the winds were very light and were nil at times. Dixon volunteered to do the scoring for the Vics and ODOMs. Steph loaned her boat to Tim for most of the races. Dave Van Amburg joined in the sail yesterday with some excellent Vic sailing and turned in 7 wins and 2 second places! We will look forward in Dave joining our club soon.  The ODOMs were again at a disadvantage due to the light winds, and would have scored second and fourth in points if we were scoring the two classes together.

A group photo was taken for use on the web,, and possibly in the Green Valley/Sahuarita newspaper.

The next sail will be on Sunday, November 23. Hope to see everyone there!

Sail Date: October 26, 2014

This Sunday's sail was attended by 6 sailors and one non-sailing wife (She needs a boat, Jim!). The meeting started with the introduction of a new guest, John Carlstrom, who joined our club with his good looking ODOM, #291.

A change of start time from 10 AM to 1 PM was agreed upon by the members. This will result in better wind conditions we hope.

Racing Rules of Sailing #14 Avoiding contact, and #15 giving the other boat room to keep clear when acquiring the right of way were discussed.

"Boat trimming for speed" as published on this web, was discussed.

Racing began in nearly perfect conditions with a steady moderate breeze. Jim’s wife, Debra did a good job of keeping score. Thank you. Bill had radio problems again, so was not able to compete.

A Sahuarita resident, Tim, stopped by watched our races, and expressed interest in the club. He was told where he could get a Victoria kit, and we will probably see him when he gets it built.

 We only had 3 Vics and 2 ODOMs, but we had some nice races. The wind conditions were light for the ODOMS, so the Vics could compete as you can see by the results. Past first place sailor, Steph, ended up last, the result of talking too much and not paying attention to sailing. Everyone had a great time.

The next sail will be Sunday, November 9, 2014, starting at 1 PM. Please note the new time!

Sail Date: Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jerry Walker and Fritz Hennings sailed as guests making a total of eight sailors sailing six Victorias and two one meters, one of which was an ODOM. The club has acquired a new start timer; however, as a result the club treasury now stands at $9.91. Membership for the rest of the year is $10. Next year’s dues which are due on January 1 or before will be $20. Our website is completely paid for through 2015, so we have no anticipated expenses for the rest of the year.

It is suggested that each sailor print out the Rules We Sail By from the web ( You need to select “landscape”, uncheck “shrink to fit”, and specify 80%.

A discussion of the rules brought the suggestions that we need to be more vocal during our sails, both to enforce the rules, and as an aid to the new-bees who are trying to learn the rules.

Race scoring was discussed. We will have no throw outs if 10 or less races are run, one for 11 races and 2 for 12 races. ODOMS will be scored as a separate class.

The racing started out as a drifting contest, but by the last race it was blowing pretty well. We were able to get in 12 races, again, most of them shortened to one lap. Chris finished off in style when the wind picked up with two wins and a second!

 Next sail I think I will set up a shorter course, unless it is really blowing. The next sail will be Sunday, October 26, 2014 starting at 10AM.

Sail Date: Sunday, Sept 28, 2014

Jerry Walker and Jerry Robertson from the Pima Micro Yacht Club joined us today, making a total of eight sailors. Jerry Walker had some troubles with his boat, so Stephanie Mickelsen loaned him her Vic, #24, for the sail. Thank you Steph! Per our club decision at the July 27 meeting, since they are not yet paid members, their race results were not recorded. We welcome and look forward to them joining our club. Dues for the rest of the year are only $10. Brad Donath asked that we not record his ODOM, since it is much faster than a Vic in these conditions.

The subject for our discussion today was mark roundings, and RRS Rule 18, ‘Mark Room’. It was also noted that the term “room” needs to imply more space in challenging wind and wave conditions.

After the last few sails with light winds, somebody prayed too hard for wind! Wind speed was measured at the end of the sail at 14.9 knots. This produced choppy waves causing our Victorias to pitch like rocking horses. This, of course, caused the relative wind at the top of our masts to swing all over, making sail trimming difficult. Brad’s ODOM, and Bill’s 1M with their longer waterlines handled the chop much better.

The chop slowed the Vics down so we were able to only get in 8 races, 7 of them shortened to one lap. Steph offered to keep score, and was helped by Sue Williams-Winters. We all took on a little water, Sue lost her mast after the first race, and Bill had some wet radio problems, I think. Other than that, the boats came through OK. The official race results look strange because of the deleted scores. Jerry Robertson would have come in first, and Jerry Walker would have come in third if they were members. Harvey edged out Jim Bankson by 2 points, and Chris Winters completed the races with a second and a third. We all had fun, and learned more about handling our Vics in challenging conditions.

Jerry Robertson checked out the conditions at the south end of the lake after the sail, and suggested that we might consider sailing there on windy days, since it is more sheltered. I think that is a good idea, so if it’s this windy again, and you don’t see us at the north end, you will find us at the south end.

All in all, great sailing everyone! NOTE: October’s two meeting/sailing dates are 10/12 & 10/26, 10a.m.

Sail Date: Sunday, September 14, 2014

First I want to thank Chris , Sue, and Bill for helping set up and recover. The Commodore wasn’t able to do much because of a slipped disk. Sue claimed our spot on the east shore and Chris did all of the work including loading my van at my home. Bill helped haul all of the equipment back to the van.

The racing started at 10:15 after the course was set up and the mark setting barge was recovered after a drive train failure. We skipped the class discussion because we were running behind schedule. Mark roundings will be discussed at the next sail. Let’s try to start a discussion on the website forum on mark roundings.

The winds were light and fluky, and the racing was more of a drifting contest. The winds forecasted never showed up so we only got in 6 races, most of them abbreviated. Fritz Hennings showed up with his Vic and did a great job of sailing, but had to leave early for another sailing event. Chris had a newly acquired boat that had some rudder problems, so he struggled. Susan proved she is a quick learner and finishing third. She even had a second place. As to my performance, what can I say, except experience counts, particularly in fluky winds.

The next sail will be on September 28 at 10 AM.

Sail Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Aug 24 2014 GVMYC sail started at 10AM with a discussion of how to get out of irons, and the concept of relative wind. Sue discussed how to get access to the website as a club member so members can access the restricted areas.

The racing started in very light conditions which picked up later to some nice racing conditions. Jim Bankson became our third member to win the day with 5 firsts. Brad Donath sailed his ODOM with the fleet but asked that he not be scored.

We didn’t have a scorekeeper, so each heat winner was asked to score. There was some confusion in recording the finishes, so the results published may not be accurate. Please let me know if corrections need to be made.

One item which would reduce the confusion is for boats that have finished to keep clear of the course, especially the finish line. (One boat was recorded as finishing twice!)

The next sail is scheduled for September 14, same time, same place. Note: We sail on the second and fourth Sunday of each month, not every other Sunday.

Sail Date: Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Green Valley Model Yacht Club met today for another sail. Before the sail we had an eventful meeting.

We were visited by Debbie Summers who is the Director of Sahuarita Parks and Recreation, and the person who has provided us with our lake use permit. I’m trying to get Debbie to join us sailing. She sailed big boats back east.

Susan Williams-Winters announced that the club website is up and running ( and that she and Chris are donating all of the costs and labor to starting it to the club! Thank you! We plan to use the website to publish meeting minutes, race results, and classroom notes. In the future you will be able to review and print the class notes before our meetings.

The treasurer’s report concluded that after all donations and expenses we still have $112.65 in the bank account.

The Commodore’s class covered starting, finishing and protests.

Sailing started with very light winds, and they stayed that way until after we finished, when they started to pick up. When we change our sailing time for the cooler weather we should have better winds. Due to the light winds we were only able to get in 8 races, 6 of which were shortened to one lap. It was a good lesson in light wind sailing.

Susan was sailing her first races and did remarkably well given the challenging conditions. Bill had some radio problems, so he borrowed Harvey’s Micro Magic and was able to compete in the light wind conditions with the smaller boat, scoring several 3rd places. Stephanie won the sail scoring 4 first places.

Sail Date: Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Green Valley Model Yacht Club met today at Lake Sahuarita and the Lake was beautiful with wonderful winds and clear skies.  We were able to get the same location as our second sail.  The Business Meeting started on time at 10 a.m.  It was announced that GVMYC now has a business account at Chase Bank located in Green Valley, AZ.  There is no monthly charge for the account however they do charge for printing checks. $140.00 of club dues were deposited.  Checks have been obtained at a cost of $18.95 and should last for many years.  Therefore, our current balance is $121.05.
For year 2014 dues will be $20.00 upon joining our club and $10.00 after September 1, 2014. Thereafter, dues will be $20.00 per year due on or before January 1 of each year.  Persons joining after June 1st of any year will pay $10.00 for the remainder of the year. After a discussion the club agreed to the following: Guests who are members of other clubs will be allowed to sail with us at no cost.  However, guests will be encouraged to join GVMYC to share in the expenses. Any non-member sailing with us will not be scored in our club races or be eligible for year end awards.
Jim Bankson joined our club raising our paid membership to eight. Welcome Jim!
The website expenses were estimated to be about $90 for the first year. Sue will bill the treasurer when she has the numbers.
The Commodore’s class covered the following topics:
            Definitions of common sailing terms.
            Sailboat performance polars and how to use them to go fast.
            RRS Rule 12 and 13
After some very early morning monsoon thunderstorms the weather cleared and produced a perfect sailing day. The wind started out from the south, but swung around to the north for the last two races. The sailors got a chance to race with “marks to port”, requiring them to adjust their thinking. Chris had a new boat which did well. A total of 11 races were completed.

Sail Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Sunday, July 13, 2014 the second sail of the GVMYC was held. We found a better location at the lake. Shade and good wind. The start of the meeting was delayed by the late arrival of some of the members.  In the future, meetings will start at the announced time.  It was announced that the club now has a website, Right now it is in the development stage, but should be very useful in the near future. $20 dues were collected from most of the sailors present, so we now have a treasury. Since no one has yet volunteered to be treasurer, Steph will open up a checking account in the club’s name.

Before the racing we had a short discussion of RRS Rules 10 and 11. There was some confusion about the definition of starboard and port. I think the confusion stems from the way the rules are written. They were written by lawyers (which is bad enough) to cover all sailboats. Some sailboats do not have booms, (delta rigs, square riggers, and AC72s come to mind) so the rules do not use the term “boom”. This leads to confusion in the definitions:

“A boat is on the tack, starboard or port, corresponding to her windward side.” That is clear enough, but the definition of leeward side (and therefor windward side) has to become complicated. “However, when sailing by the lee, or directly downwind, her leeward side is the side on which her mainsail lies.”

Since all of our boats have main booms, we can use a simpler definition: If the boom is on the port side, you are on starboard tack, if it is on the starboard side, you are on port tack.

After a start tape battery problem, solved by Jerry’s start box, sailing got started with 7 boats present, 4 Victorias, 1 Nirvana, 1 Seawind, and 1 0ne meter of unknown class. The Seawind, a very beautiful boat, did not participate in the races. Seven races were held in variable winds again, ranging from calm, to gusty. Thanks to Ada and Debra for keeping score.

Sail Date: Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Green Valley Model Yacht Club is established to enjoy the sport of R/C model sailboat racing on Sahuarita Lake. We are chartered by the American Model Yacht Association, AMYA, club #333. We have a permit to use the lake from the Sahuarita Parks and Recreation Department, and their support if we need it.

The purpose of the club is to:

   1.  Promote the sport of R/C sailboat racing by welcoming and assisting newcomers to the sport
   2.  Teach the Racing Rules of Sailing, RRS, as applied to R/C sailing.
   3.  Teach sailboat construction and tuning for racing.
   4.  Conduct club races, and regattas.
   5.  Hold club social activities.

The boat that we sail is the Victoria One Design, the 3rd most popular class in the AMYA, and one of the least expensive. The kit, by Thunder Tiger, costs $140 and is available at the local hobby shop or on the web (Tower Hobbies). The radio equipment can be bought for under $100. Modifications to make the boat more competitive can be made for less than $60 using hobby shop, hardware store, and fishing store materials. Club members will help new members build their kits if needed. Race ready boats are available from Canada, but are expensive.

To make the racing fair, the boats must conform to the Victoria Class Rules as published on the AMYA website, Those rules basically control the sail size, boat weight, and hull design, but allow modifications to the rigging and deck equipment.

Initially we will be sailing on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 10 AM.  A meeting will be held before sailing to discuss club activities and the RRS. The times, days, and duration of our activities will be up to the membership, with the approval of the Parks and Recreation Department.  The club officers will be elected annually.  

Nominations for the first year

     Commodore: Harvey Mickelsen
     Secretary: Stephanie Mickelsen
     Treasurer: Stephanie Mickelsen (Acting)
     Web master: Susan Williams-Winters

Dues will be $20.00 per year.

The results of the races will be published by e-mail or on the club web.  Awards will be made at an annual dinner.  The race course will normally be a modified Olympic course, and we will use a restricted Control Area per RRS E3.1 so as to not interfere with other lake activities, i. e. joggers, bikers, etc.

The primary goal of the club is to have FUN.